SPECIAL NOTE: When ordering, be sure to go to the bottom of the page and let us know your model and length.  Thank you!


All Mountain


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Attack - (square tail or round tail) The new front rockered All Mountain hart Attack  glides easily on groomers, holds on hard pack, pounds though crud, getting on top of powder is just so easy. 


Big Mountain


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Wizard - The Wizard II is the ultimate powder ski, that skis as well on groomers as it does in the powder. The combination of a 250mm rocker and a conventional tail allows for float in the powder and the ability to schmeer a turn.


Park & Pipe - Adult


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Twisted - The hart Twisted park and pipe ski features the latest in European ski technology. The poplar and beech core, bi-axial ribbon, titanal underfoot reinforcement, ABS sidewalls combined with a fast graphite base make for a smooth ride, great pop and solid landings. 


Park & Pipe - Junior


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Hornet - With it's iodized metal capped construction and cool V7.0 four dimensional graphic top sheet design, the hart Hornet junior twin tip ski is a great ski for park and pipe or just ripping it up all mountain. 


Blossom Skis


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SPECIAL NOTE: After you order, be sure to go to bottom of the page and send us a note on model and length you wish to order. 

Overlimit GS - Designed for use on whichever surface you wish, perfect for the steepest of slopes, ice-hard surfaces, and for when the snow is at its "meanest", when you desperately need an optimum grip, stability and consistency that a continually changing terrain will demand. Technically of the highest quality incorporating geometrical precision in ski manufacture as in sandwich and wood core technology.


Follow Me SL - Racing skis for youngsters who compete at an advanced level, adopting the very same technology employed in the manufacture of skis for adults. 

Fly Up - Designed for technically advanced skiers, but non-competition. Skis which incorporate precisely the same construction and physical characteristics as racing skis, but are rather more adaptable and flexible with a central core which facilitates stability and reduces vibration. The main objective - to provide a perfect equipment guaranteeing exciting sport for the determined skier to enjoy. 

White Out - Multi-functional skis in "Sandwich Technology" for every type of surface and snow, thanks mainly to a slice broader than normal and an exaggerated side-cut. An exciting prospect in all conditions typified by a stability and flexibility affording the very best buoyancy on fresh snow.


Free Tibet - "Dream machines" which guarantee stability on the slopes and yet optimum buoyancy on fresh off-piste snow thanks to a broader support base, allied to a construction which is resistant to the enormous strains which the most difficult conditions throw up.  

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